Kaplan’s collages incorporate all sorts of found, flat material, but can include painting and drawing. Whenever possible collages are coated with a UV inhibiting varnish to preserve the occasional, non-archival content.

Most collages are in the $500 to $750 range, depending on size and framing. Larger pieces are priced at $800 to $1200.

A unique print made from a painting on a non-absorbent surface such as Plexiglas, which is transferred to the paper by the pressure of the hand or with a press. It is sometimes possible to print a second or "ghost" impression from a monotype plate, especially if a press is being used. The artist may rework areas of the plate between the first and second printings or use more than one plate, but the second impression is never exactly the same as the first. Many types of pigment can be used, including printer's inks, oil paints, oil pastels and watercolors, depending on the desired effect. If the image includes a lithograph, it is usually referred to as a “monoprint”.

Kaplan’s monoprints range in price from $600 for a 22” X 30” image, to $1500 for a 31” X 44” image.

Lithography is a printmaking process in which an image is established on stone or metal plate usually with grease-based materials. The surface of the printing element is prepared so that the image takes ink while the non-image areas repel it.

Kaplan’s lithographs have been hand pulled at Shark’s Ink. Each image incorporated 5 or 6 runs through the press, one for each color.

Depending on availability, the lithographs are priced at $900 and up.

All of Kaplan’s watercolors are done on 100% rag paper. 22” X 30” and larger are done on 300 lb. paper, usually Arches.

Prices begin at $650 for a 12” X 16” watercolor, $2800 for a 22” X 30”, and $4000 for a 29.5” X 41”. No 40” X 60” watercolor paintings are currently available.

Oils and Acrylics:
All paintings are done on stretched canvas. Both acrylics and oils are finished with an alkyd varnish with a UV inhibitor.

Size is the main component of pricing, but prices may also vary due to complexity and framing of the piece. Larger pieces priced upon request.

Prices begin at $650 for a 12” X 16”, $900 for a 16” X 20”, $3000 for a 22” X 30”, $4500 for a 30” X 40”, $6500 for a 42” X 66”.

Commissioned pieces are charged at the retail price of a similar work. After discussions with the client about the requirements of the project, and upon presentation of a Photoshop-produced image of the final piece, a 50% deposit is due, with the balance due upon delivery.

Discounts are available “to the trade” with presentation of appropriate documentation.



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